What is a Skid Loader?

A skid loader is a small piece of equipment that is chiefly used for construction jobs that require excavation (digging). Because skid loaders are compact and can easily operate in tight spaces, they are a perfect utility machine for use when larger machines simply won't fit. With fixed lift arms that straddle the cage of the skid loader, the are able to move up and down with amazing ease.

A number of attachments are available for these arms, which make them even more versatile than just the standard bucket that comes standard on skid loaders. They come with tools for lifting, clearing, cutting, mixing, you name it.

Although the name suggests that they use a track wheel system, creating the skidding action, most skid loaders are actually 4-wheeled. Despite this fact, they are able to maneuver exceptionally well in small spaces. They make use of independent right and left side wheel systems which allows them to pivot practically in place. The name 'skid' actually comes from the fact that there is no central steering system, only the operation of the right and left sides to make the skid loader turn.

Almost all skid loaders are diesel engines, although some newer models coming out make use of a hybrid diesel/electric engine. They also contain a hydraulic transmission which prevents overloading of the skid loader.

Whatever model or manufacturer of skid loader you utilize, you are going to find your projects get done much faster and much cheaper than without one. Call one of our locations today to get pricing on a new or used skid loader in your area.